Press Release: WakeUp Rise Launches Online Store

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WakeUp Rise; A Black Excellence Apparel Line That Will Inspire You  

            Movies, stories and the media have tried earnestly to reduce the Black community to a uneducated, poor, and crime infested group of people who eventually end up in prisons or are certainly not good or educated enough to hold prominent positions in society. This is an ideology that WakeUp Rise has set out to abolish.

            Creators of WakeUp Rise apparel line are proud to bring to the forefront Black Pride and Greatness around the world, and with the creation of their "Black Excellence Collection"  they intend to do just that. Their pieces are making a statement not limited to the black community and helping to restore confidence in the younger generation, whom the media has tried feverishly to corrupt their minds.

            These amazing clothing statements carry inscriptions that not only tell the world how amazing the Black community is, but will also serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.

            With a mission to empower the black community and restore the pride and love for all the community stands for, these apparel pieces have been made available to everyone for as low as $15.00 for T-shirts and $25.00 for Sweatshirts. What are you waiting for? Head over to their website, order a shirt that best describes you and join the movement to repair and empower the black community.

About WakeUp Rise

            WakeUp Rise is a T-Shirt and Apparel company designed for adults (and children) to enlighten each other about the history of Africans and African-Americans. It also sets out to display the large number of Black professionals trailblazing the path for generations to come (The Black Excellence Collection). There are many more offerings that aim to help create awareness, reverse the self-hate and inspire each other for a greater good.   

            For more information about WakeUp Rise, to order from their amazing collections, or to get in contact with them, log onto their website at or email them at